A little bit about me:

Honorata Wojczyńska
I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw for painting studies, full-time studies.
The diploma I defended in 2016 from painting in prof. Stanisław Kortyka workplace and in the multimedia studio of prof. Pawel  Jarodzki and additionally I defended the annex from the drawing by prof. Przemek Pintala. The subject of the diploma is ‘Darkness by excess of  light, inspirations by the icon’
In 2017 I completed my pedagogical preparation of the artistic direction in the postgraduate system at the Poznan University of Art.
In 2005 I completed a 3-year study of spirituality at the Carmelite Institute of Spirituality in Poznan. I  defended thesis subject: ‘ Passive night of the senses of John of the Cross and positive  disintegration by prof. Kazimierz Dąbrowski.’

Since 2016, I was the founder of the Icon Writing School at the Benedictine Abbey in Krzeszów,  dedicated All Saints, preceded by workshops from 2013, which takes place after the day
2014, Erasmus Scholarship in France, a year spent at the Academy of France in Ecole Supérieures d 'art des Pyrénées Pau - Tarb.

Since 2000, I was a participant in the iconography workshop, among others in Bielsk Podlaski.

My achievements:
2011 - 1st place at the entrance exams at the Academy of Fine Arts, the highest score in the field of painting.

2012, 2013, 2014 - Rector's scholarship for the best students

Numerous common  and individual exhibitions.

2013 - Night of Museums, Leszno, drawing exhibition
2013 - MDS Gallery, Wroclaw, drawing
2013 - Alternatives 33, Ostrów Wlkp, painting
2014 - 1st International Drawing Triennale, Rondo Gallery, Katowice
2014 - Alternatives 33, Ostrów Wlkp, painting
2014 - Ale Plama, MDS Gallery, Wroclaw, film, animation

2014 - Open air Ostrów, Ostrów WLkp, photography
2014 - CTR -, Stolarnia, Wroclaw, film
2016 - GOK, Krzeszów, exhibition of icons

2014 - Icon, Faculty of Slavonic Philology, Wroclaw, icons
2014 - Icon, Ecumenical Center of Ecumenical Meetings, Sokołowsko, icons
2014 - Gallery 33, Ostrów Wlkp, painting, drawing, film
2015 - Gallery on the floor, Rawicz, painting
2015 - Gallery 33, Ostrów Wlkp, painting

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