Icon Painting Course

…To delve into mystery of Icon…

Primary goal of this course is a work over icon and one’s own heart, which on the path of prayer draw us nearer to meet God’s presence. Participants will create a community of work and prayer.

Lectures are about working over icon in theological-philosophical-practical context as well as spiritual formation with inner life.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Priming of wood board using traditional chalk-glue technique.
  • Gilding.
  • Mixing egg yolk tempera and painting in that medium.
  • Drawing.
  • Theory.

Second Term: 20th August - 31st August 2017.

Thirds Term: 20th September - 30th September 2017.
25. 01. 2018 - 02.02.2018 r.
06.07 - 17.07.2018 r.
01.08 - 12.08. 2018 r
22.08 - 01.09.2018 r.

Workshops are lead by Honorata Wojczynska,

Spiritual formation into a prayer - Journey to Meeting God - will be lead by Father Mateusz Filipowski OCD (Carmelite monk).


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